OSH Project: USB Analog Electronics Multitool

Hey Guys,

When I visited the Hive over… Thanksgiving? I told a few of you about a project I was working on, a USB device for powering / controlling / measuring everything from laser diodes to temperature.

We finally have an initial design (eagle files) up on Github at https://github.com/nonolith/CEE. For details/specs, check out our kickstarter page(linked from Github.)

We also have a pretty schnazzy browser-based frontend that we have working with the Arduino and Bus Pirate. Python running on the local machine talks to Javascript in the browser, making it easily adaptable for interfacing with your own hardware. Demos, details, and our API are up at http://www.nonolithlabs.com/pixelpulse/.


That sounds awesome. Would be usefully in conjunction with some arduino classes.