Oscilloscope request for iSpace

Hello Makers,
As mentioned in last nights meeting, I was recently asked by Sue Hake at iSpace to help create new experiences for students.

Her Request:

iSpace would like to make some of our programs more “immersive” like the iMISSION. To that end, creating a “lab” type environment in which the students get involved. We’d like to add hands on learning experiences with equipment that has a real use. An Oscilloscope is one example.

This software can be used on a computer to create an oscilloscope. Please look at this website and let us know a) if this is something relatively easy to do and b) if yes to “a”, approximately what would be the cost. OR if you have any other ideas to accomplish the above goals.

See link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Use-Your-Laptop-as-Oscilloscope/

My critique of the instructables laptop oscilloscope is: An easy way for a student to destroy a laptop. Alternatives would be to buy a more robust I/O panel for the laptop or an old model oscilloscope.

Last night several of you suggested building kit LCD Oscilloscopes and building some wave generators as inputs. I ran this idea past Sue and she is interested.

Our quest would be to:

a) Plan out at least one hands on learning experience with an oscilloscope that can be conducted by pairs of students age range from 9 through 12 (4th through 6th grade) Target time period for the exercise 10 to 20 minutes.

Students receive instructions reading and watching videos on a tablet then conduct their assignment. The equipment is ideally low voltage powered and fairly rugged or at least low cost.

What lesson can a student learn from an experience with an oscilloscope? How could this fit in with a space mission?

b) Select a good Oscilloscope kit, build it out into a “relatively student proof” learning experience. I suggest that we pick a couple of finalist kits and build them out as a group project. I’ll cover the costs.

All contributions are accepted from ideas to building and evaluating kits. Please add to this thread.

Any other hands on learning experiences you can suggest? They already build paper rockets and launch them with an air blast. See the list below in the link of field trips by grade.

Dave Velzy

For the sake of disclosure, I volunteer for iSpace by repairing and making equipment. iSPACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to ignite passion for Science and Technology to prepare all learners to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce.
I donate my time, iSpace pays for materials.

This is what iSpace is all about:
Many years ago, the iSpace founder, Linda Neenan wanted to study engineering at GMI (Kettering University now) but was told girls aren’t engineers, you should teach Math. She became an educator but never forgot that stinging message.
In retirement she founded iSpace so that girls and boys would get a different more inclusive message about STEM.

This is what iSpace does for STEM learning.