Oscilloscope intro

With the purchase of our new “super cool” oscilloscope, I would like to give an intro to oscilloscope intro class.

This would cover the basic operation and how to use it to help you make cool stuff.

Could people respond to this thread on the interest and availability for the class?

I’m thinking a Saturday maybe after the clean up. (so April 1st).

It would cover basic operation and some simple experiments to show the usefulness.

I thought of a talk after a meeting, but I wanted to let people play with it while having someone to explain stuff personally.

Ironically I’m actually a trained mechanical engineer, but I’ve been working on electronics for a few years now so I think I could get someone started.



Sounds good. Would this be open to just Hive13 members?

I’m pretty open to anyone. This is not a deep class, and I would want to tailor the material to the audience. So part of the signup would be to find out the level of experience and what you wanted to get out of the class.

Brad - maybe you could create a surveymonkey for people to respond with what they are interested in a class?

I could use a refresher and to see some new features. But a quick demo of hooking up to something that shows some interesting signals seems like it would be good for most. An audio signal and an r/c servo pwm type of thing might be interesting or some stepper motor control signals.

I created a quick survey to gauge interest for this intro class. (thanks for the suggestion Tif)


Do a chua circuit:


Lots of fun and pretty. Woo chaos theory! With 3 inputs, you can examine XY and Z phase simultaneously, then X+Y, etc to get the double scroll.