Oscilloscope for trade! (PCSU200, ~$130)

I have been given an oscilloscope/ frequency generator by Vicente, It works, but not with my Mac. It is a PCSU200 Velleman, and is worth about ~$130. (It is window based and will not work with my Mac. It recognizes it, but doenst work with the software…) I would love to trade this device for another oscilloscope so that I can use one for work/ arduinos. According to Vicente it is brand new the box comes with two probes, and the USB cable. If you want any more information message me here on the mailing list. Come to Hive13 on tuesdays to talk to me irl.

What kind of specifications do you need for your scope?


Would another useful option for you be to dual boot windows? Your OSX problems seem to be frequent enough to warrant it. I could point you to where you can get a legitimate Windows 10 key for $5-10.

-Kevin M.

I was about to say… Dual boot or PC laptop should be in Ezra’s future.

I don’t need great specs, I need something that works. So perhaps 2-6MHz+ and 2 channels would be just fine. nothing specific.

I haven’t tried dual boot but Wine and vitrualBox wont work

Dual boot is way better than virtualization

so how easy is it to set up…? I might look into this…

It really is not that hard. Apple holds your hand through the whole process. I’ve done it on a few Macs.
You just need to have enough free space on your hard drive for the Windows partition. I think the general rule is about 40GB or more.
Lots of info on the web about how to do it.