Oscillating Belt Sander

Just wanted to give a heads up that the oscillating belt sander is not operational at the moment.

The motor seems to be stalling when it starts up (with nothing visibly caught, and the physical mechanisms free-moving). It’s also giving off the distinct “motor-in-distress” electrical smell.

While it does eventually start up after several tries, the motor is on it’s way to being destroyed, so continued use in this state is a bad idea if we want to try and save it. It’s cord has been locked in case someone misses the message.

If anyone wants to take a look at it let me know. Help would be much appreciated!


I’ll swing down today and check it out

Guessing a rod is slightly bent. If you lift the sander up out of the base before you start it works fine and starts easily.

Let me know what you find. (If you can’t figure it out, just re-lock the plug, or tape it or something.) Thanks!!

Sorry I did not get a chance to make it down yet my 3d printer was acting up and finaly exposed the problem, I need a stepper for the y axis on the ultimaker. I am def going down to the hive tonight so I will go through it.

I won’t be at the meeting tonight, and it sounds like several others won’t either, so I will post here.

It’s been awhile since the belt sander has been down and it is probably one of the most used pieces of woodworking equipment in the space.

Please let me know if anyone’s looked at it any further, if there is a fix or if we need a new one.

This one was bought used for $200-250 and isn’t the best. If it is broken for good, we will want to get a new one, and start a vote for the budget. I’ll start looking for a replacement new/used one in the mean time.

Thanks everyone!


New ones are $199 at Home Depot

I believe the motor is wore/burned out and gear box was lubed good

Is that something which can easily be replaced, or is it costly enough that it is simpler to buy another?

I would say buy another I tried looking to see if I could get to the brushes to check them and the armature but it looks non serviceable.

See if we can find another rigid one that takes the same mounts still, that way we can strip all the extra stuff.