Organization meeting

Sorry for not posting on here sooner, but a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday the 17th at 2pm is the informal organizational meeting. This is mostly an extension of a discussion that was had on the woodworking Slack channel a few weeks back about various options regarding labeling and color coding of hand tools so that they get back to their prescribed home. This is basically a “text communication sucks so lets meet in person” kind of thing. I’ll update on what we come up with, but note that at some point we’ll have to quit discussing things and do-ocracy this thing!

I send my regrets. I would (wood) really like to participate in this and am one of the people that has complained about the status of the woodshop. However, I have been living in a house chock full of COVID-19 for the last week. While I have not tested positive I will not be making a public appearance at Hive13 until I see negative COVID rapid tests from everyone in the household.

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