Opening Day parade

Jim, I was able to get time off to be in the parade,
Who else is going and do we want to carpool down? I will put a few bucks toward parking.

I suggest we meet and park at the Hive (free)

Jim we need some particulars on this - When, where, etc.

Starbuck? Are you going to walk with us and spin? maybe bring a friend or two?


Jim, correct me if I’m misspeaking.

I won’t be taking off work for the event, but it passes within two blocks of my desk. I’ll probably pop out at lunch and watch it roll past from somewhere near 5th and Race. If the Skywalk between Macy’s and the Hilton is open and not dangerously overcrowded, it will be my first choice. Perhaps I’ll see some of you there.

Detailed information about time and route can be found at Particularly, the route document is here.

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oops. Jim didn’t mention that… I am not registered as far as I know. I guess it’s just him and CinD, then…

Well damn, maybe I go into work, then… (sigh)

Hold on Nancy. I’m writing the update post now. If you’re available, I think we can still fit you in.



Pardon the lack of publicity and shared planning (to date) regarding the Hive’s first ever entry in Cincinnati’s Findlay Market Red’s Opening Day parade. It was a stretch goal to apply and a surprise to learn of our acceptance as one of the 177 winners from the pool of 300 applications. In the time since, it has been a challenge to contemplate pulling it off and maintaining a semi-normal family/work/life balance. Sometimes it all just gets a bit crazy, but it always works out. Our participation in the parade WILL happen, it will be fun, and it will be good publicity for Hive13.

Several folks have offered to help and I’ve reached out to a few others. This is to share our overall plan, confirm the participation, and outline the needed logistics. There will then be detailed follow-up with the participants on the particulars for Monday’s activities. The parade is this Monday, from noon to 3:00. The route starts at Findlay Market at noon, then travels 1.8 miles past Music Hall, Central Parkway, Elm Street, Fountain Square and ends at the Taft Theater by 3:00pm. It will be televised locally.

The parade website is There are further links, including:

  • General Instructions (one page) - Yes, we will have a fire extinguisher, we will be getting our certificate of insurance, and participants sign a damage waiver
  • Line-Up and ENTRY Instructions (one page) - We are entry #70. We approach via McMicken St. to Race St. and enter the staging area at point 5 on Parade Map A. We can not get any closer than this intersection to unload our delivery vehicles and there will be no parking anywhere close.
  • Parade Map A (one page) - We stage on the west side of Race St. at the intersection with Findlay St. It will be mass chaos, particularly at the last minute. I advise we be unloaded and in place at 10:00am to avoid the last minute crush.
  • Parade Rules and Regulations (8 pages) - Participants are to read, understand, and obey all.
  • Parade Route (one page) - Google maps show 1.8 miles and a nominal 30 minute walk time with NO stopping for performances, NO handouts, and NO throwing or distributing items during the parade.

Hive13 is entry #70 of 177. The organizers are very strict on RULES based on experience to organize the chaos of it all. Hive 13 wants to be a good participant and NOT CAUSE ANY TROUBLE. We will arrive and unload early; be courteous and respectful to all; be ready to roll when our number comes up, roll at the parade pace to maintain position without gaps; and exit to load and leave at the end without inconvenience to others.

Our entry will start with CinD-LOU pulling a little red wagon. CinD-LOU will be wearing the Hive-made tie-dyed skirt, a black Hive13 T-shirt and a Red’s baseball cap. She will have pink hair. She will be have a perimeter safety bumper and be manual driven via a cabled joy-stick and deadman switch for parade safety reasons. The little red wagon has a framework to support and display the two Hive banners (5’ x 2.5’) in a chevron wedge arrangement over the wagon. The wagon will have the fire extinguisher and a tool kit. MikeH will walk with me. He is offering to wear his retro robot costume (the big bulky mask currently above the lounge). DanielM and Sarah will join use; either wearing full Klingon (perhaps accessorized with Reds/parade kitch) or just wearing Red Power Tool Drag Racing shirts (Daniel’s decision). NancyG has offered to walk and we can fit her in too. I know the Power Racer team is also working their preparations, but don’t know their status. Our entry will be rounded out by our friends from the Oxford Kinetics Festival (Rod, Kate, MattL, and two students) riding five bicycle contraptions; a three-person tricycle, a LazyBoy rickshaw, a worksman front-loading cargo bike (with sculpture) and two standard tall bikes. I know Nancy has been talking with Starbuck and we can work him in if he wants to walk with us.

My rough plan is to borrow DaveB’s pickup truck and haul CinD and the wagon to be at the McMicken St. and Race St. intersection before 10:00. I’ll need a few folks there to quickly off-load the stuff. Some will need to stay and manage/move the stuff to our pre-parade staging spot two blocks south at the northwest corner of Race St. and Findlay St. I’m thinking a second car will follow me to find a parking spot for the truck near the finish area and then bring me back, but I don’t know where that second car gets parked. This is our first time and I don’t know what (if any) parking will be available near the start and finish areas. Email me off line with any advice between now and then. I may need physical assistance to get CinD past the rough roads and streetcar construction along the parade route. If the batteries die, we will exit the parade or pull her by hand. If anyone has any further offers for support or advice or is offended by any of this, know it is never my intent to cause controversy and we are all doing this for positive Hive publicity. Plans are not yet final and offers of help are always welcome. Contact me off list between now and Monday.

Happy Easter one and all,