openFrameworks on the RPi

Hello all,

Quick followup on some of the openFrameworks/RPi shown at the 2.12 meeting.

We are currently porting openFrameworks ( to the Raspberry Pi/Raspian. For those unfamiliar with openFrameworks, OF is an open source, creative coding framework written in C++ that works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. If you have ever written OpenGL to create a simple window you know that there is a lot of boilerplate code just to get going. What openFrameworks provides is a much simpler, abstracted interface as well as features like camera access, audio/video playback, 2d drawing, image loading, Shaders, FBOs, 3d cameras, OpenCv, OSC, TUIO, XML, Networking, and a nice set of examples of each. OF also has a large set of addons that allow you to extend the core capabilities to use other libraries, devices, cameras, etc. A nice site to look for those is

We are officially still in the “beta” stage but have most of the major components working. Some links

OF/RPi Demos:

General OF demos on Vimeo:


Shipping examples

The wiki is the place to get started

Even if you are not using OF I highly recommend setting up distcc - the guide is verbose but easy to follow and will speed up your compiling times 10x or more without the hassle of setting up a cross compiler by hand.

Most of my current work is gearing up for a OF/RPi workshop at at the end of March but I would be happy to do something similar at Hive13 if there is interest.

Thanks all - was a great night!


Bad ass. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, jvc!