Open Vote Budgets

Is there a place or can we get a list of all open votes with dollar values associated with them? I’d like to see where our finances stand once everything is finalized.

Hello, It has been nearly a week since this. Why has there been no response? This kind of information needs to be publicly available upon request under Ohio law. Yet there has been no response by leadership on this matter, not even something as simple as a “we’ll get that to you soon.”

No such list is separately maintained. Our meeting minutes serve as the official record of vote results. These are already publicly available via the wiki.

As for the delay in response, please consider that you posted your request immediately preceding a long holiday weekend, and that Hive13 is an entirely volunteer effort.

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Our minutes do not cover if a vote has been paid out or not. Just if the vote passed. This is still part of the budget and funding of a non-profit organization. therefor can be requested. This still doesnt provide the information requested nor a timeframe when it would be provide.

Hi Daniel (+):

This is an FYI to let you know that in the days since your post, and after the holiday weekend, there have been some exchanges among the leadership and a consensus that many of us agree it is time to address this good idea. As treasurer, I'll gladly/rightly offer to be part of the solution, but rightly need to interact with others and not tackle all of this solo.

As a proactive next step, there has already been some initial thinking on the 'who/what/why/when/how' implementation details.

There are perhaps two elements; setting up the procedure and structure for new votes going forward; and going back through the meeting records and financial transactions to similarly backfill and document the prior votes. The structure could be as simple as a google spreadsheet list on the Hive's financial Dropbox archive site (limited access) or perhaps better, maintaining such a list on a page within the wiki, open finance, or intweb site. The procedure might include giving each vote a sequential reference number during the weekly meetings and then linking meeting minute notes to the posted list and updating the status over the implementation period for each registered vote.

The goal is undeniably desirable.

The inevitable challenge is always the time that the willing member volunteers can self-donate to implement and maintain the desired goal. The devil is always in the details, with many freely-offered opinions from the many, verses the constant need for coordinated implementation by the few willing to do the work within our all-volunteer organization. This is not a complaint. It is instead a reminder and the challenge to us all. We are all called to help serve the many, each in our way. How many times are each of us cleaning the toilet, mopping the floors, taking out the trash, or implementing all it takes each week to maintain and grow the Hive for the good of all?

We will highlight this topic at next week's meeting and I propose to lead a brief detail exchange immediately after next week's meeting with those who are welcome and willing to be part of this implementation. This is a desirable continuous improvement goal for us. We will press to start and follow-through on this. You have my word.


I am honestly surprised there isn’t an accounts (votes) payable spreadsheet as its a fairly common accounting document. So I made a fairly simple one up that should cover most of the needs for the hive. I added 4 examples of how the spreadsheet works.

It has the following fields:
Vote Approval Date The Date the vote happened
Approved Vote Number A tracking number to assign to each vote, I find this will help for multiple votes that are similar or on the same Day
Project Description Simple Description to help Identify the
Payment Timeframe Most votes are set to 180 days or 6 months if I am not mistaken to pay out. (if its different this can easily be changed)
Status Drop-Down Window with 3 option: Expired - Open - Closed
Total Amount Total amount approved by Vote
Expiration Date Auto filled - Final Date to request payment of Hive13 repayment for project. Based off Vote Approval Day + Payment Timeframe
Balance Due Auto-filled How much is Left to pay based off Total amount and payments recorded
Payment 1-10 Payments paid out for Project
Total Due Auto Filled This Field shows the total funds still open to be paid out. It will only count anything vote that has a Status of “Open”.

With this being a spreadsheet, you can also easily attach photos for receipts with new tabs If desired as well as expand into more Accounting Spreadsheets in one file.

Accounts-Payable-Template.xls (103 KB)


Daniel’s Excel spreadsheet is straight forward for what it is. Thanks also to Ryan for documenting the last eight months of votes. I’ll start matching up the actual expenditure records as Dave indicates.

I’m still up for discussing related details with interested folks in a brief exchange after tonight’s meeting.


Go team!