Open Source Non-Lethal Weapon Project

I found this intriguing and though I’d share with the group.

“Our first open source Homeland Security non-lethal weapon project - The ‘THE BEDAZZLER: A Do-it-yourself Handheld LED-Incapacitator’”…

Slashdot article:

More interesting stuff from ladyada:

assuming it works, that it really cool. i am a big fan of non-lethals, they significantly lessen the consequences for making the wrong decision.

I'm of the opposite opinion. I think non-lethals in the hands of law
enforcement encourage abuse. Because hey, after all, it's non lethal.
Quick, find something and taze it!

I’ve been playing with the idea of making “protest gear” for a while now. Inventions that allow for peaceful protest and can curb immediate attacks. Like a rubber divers shirt…maybe add conductive mesh to the outside in an attempt to short the tazer. Now, I’ve never played with a tazer but I think getting one and developing some tools to at least give you time to get away would be good.

You could always attach this LED weapon to the chest of the shirt…and then use the tazer to power it, causing it to shoot the person tazing you :stuck_out_tongue:


@craig: i haven’t been tazed, but i have gotten stungunned a couple of times (long story) and based on that experience i hope i never get tazed :slight_smile:

@jason: i agree that non-lethals are not a replacement for good training, judgement, and accountability, which is pretty lacking in a lot of private law enforcement. but, having been the guy who pulled the (thankfully simulated) trigger when he shouldn’t have, i think it would be better if you couldn’t kill someone :slight_smile: