Open Shop Wed. Tonight

I'll be at the Hive tonight after work to do some more lasering on CinD-Lou for a couple of hours if anyone else wanted to be in the space doing projects too.


I’m here all day again.


I’ll be there for a little bit after work today. I left a pile of metal scrap that I forgot to return to it’s proper location last night and have to grab the mead and beer bottles I bought with me.


Jim -
Would you be willing to provide a quick overview of laser cutter operation if I were to stop by? I don't have anything I want to cut immediately, but it might be an ideal time if you're going to be using the machine anyway.

OK. I've got versions of an 11"x18" pattern cut from corregated cardboard, which is cheap. I'll watch you run several to get you some setup and button pushing experience.


Excellent. Just let me know what time you'd like me to appear. I'm also happy to chase down materials or cover costs if that ever becomes an issue.

Oh, sometime between say 6 and 8. I should be there before and a bit after.