Open Shop Thursday tonight from 6:00pm on...

Just another shameless plug to invite lurkers and wannabes to the
"Open Shop Thursday" tonight from 6:00pm till (?). Come on down and
hang-out with the makers.

We're scheduled to help guest Jeff with his new amateur magician

We will also have wood scrap materials to use to make a few simple
examples of bandsaw tooling for those who want hands-on experience
using the equipment and don't mind replicating pre-designed parts.

We will (finally) bring in an nice little antique 3x5 notecard wooden
box to use as a starting point to discuss redesigning as a new 4x6
notecard wooden box for Emily. This will likely evolve into a "build-
your-own" project for any two or three that want to go thru the full
project experience together over the next several weeks. We will look
to turn this into a documented tutorial project.

It's all very informal.