Open Shop 101 - Tonight (Wednesday, May 1)

Hive13 will have an Open Shop 101 tonight, Wednesday, May 1.

This is in honor of May Day, the ancient Northern Hemisphere spring
festival, the sometimes public holiday; and traditional spring holiday
in many cultures. It is also known as "International Workers Day" in
Russia and had unfortunate ties to socialism and the 1886 Haymarket
affair in Chicago.'_Day

In my case, the wife has other activities tonight and so I've got a
free evening to devote to Hive projects. I'll show up after work and
stay into the evening (9:00 or 10:00) to do laser work on CinD LOU. E-
Lites are welcome to show up, hang out, and work on their assorted
projects too.


What is an E-Lite?

A wanna-be elite?