Open Nominations for roll of CTO

As was announced at the weekly meeting last night, we are opening nominations for a new CTO.

The elected CTO of Hive13 has vacated their position and is no longer a member of Hive13. As such the Board of Directors acted to appoint an interim acting CTO until a new CTO is elected.

There will be a special election held so that a new CTO can be elected by the membership. We will be posting details on that special election as soon as we have completed reviewing our bylaws on how to do this. This is uncharted territory for all of us in leadership. To that end, if you are interested in the position, but unsure of your ability to do the job: see my previous statement about all us doing our best and figuring it out as we go along.

I would say that nominations are now open for the position, based on my being President and no one finding anything that says I can’t call them open.

Anyone feel like being a savior and jumping in on this? No expertise required, just anyone willing to help out who has at least some background familiarity would be nice. We have a few members who have been around and helped out with CTO-related stuff over the years who are more than willing to get new people up to speed. The position is also still a volunteer position, and the expectations/workload are exactly what that implies, it can be just as much or just as little time and effort as you are willing to put in, we just need someone to take the title/role.


Kevin M.
Secretary & Woodworking Warden

I am interested in standing for election to CTO.

Drew, that's great! You had me at Perl.

Excellent! Thanks Drew!

Woohoo! Freedom!

No, but seriously, thanks for stepping up.

  • Ian B.