Open House / Party this Saturday - Discuss?

We are having this event this Saturday and it is starting at 1:00 pm (do I have the time right?). If people are going to be swinging by, we need to have stuff planned for the day so that we do not have people just standing around.

Some things need to be decided and worked out:

  1. Are people going to give talks or demos? If so, what times?

  2. Should we have people bringing food and drinks? What kind of food (Chips & salsa // finger food?) If so, who is bringing what at what times?

  3. What times are people planning on showing up?

  4. Anything I missed?

I plan on being their around 1-4. I wasn't planning on giving a talk
or a demo. Just hanging out and working on whatever. Although I
suppose I could give a demo if need be. I will stop by Costco and get
drinks for the vending machine as well. I can grab some bag snacks to
have out but I doubt I'll have time to make anything.

I plan on being there by 1 and will most likely be there the entire
day / night. I may go out and get dinner for a few hours if there
isn't group interest in having some pizza or whatever.

I'm going to play it by ear, but I imagine I may be demoing the
MakerBot for a lot of that time depending on how many people show up
that are interested in it. Other than that, I could give tours and
show people the laser graffiti or wiimote smartboard.

Hopefully I will have time to make more skittles vodka in time for the
party. Also, I bought a case of Club Mate and folks are welcome to
partake of that; donations would be appreciated since the Club Mate
wasn't cheap. ( ) I'll also probably bring some
beer & pretzels, but nothing too heavy.

You can stick any info you want people to know about on the wiki,
since I've linked to it from the blog and the facebook event.


We had an offer from Ron (brought his sons to the meeting last week)
to possibly supply an amp and speakers - should we try to get them?

if you guys get a sound system set up, i would be down to come spit
hot fire aka raps.

i am intrigued by your proposal to deliver rappings and would support
an initiative to bring your spitting to the hive for our amusement.

Didn't TP say he had a PA we could borrow? I say let's do it.

TP, if you're planning on coming and it wouldn't be too much trouble,
go ahead and bring the PA.

hot fire aka raps. we have them.