Open House = Great Event!

Jon, Dave, Emily, Paul, and all:

The open house was a great success. Thanks to one and all for the
YEOMAN efforts put in to rearrange and spiffy the HIVE up. Further
thanks to the folks who brought the drinks and made the food.

We had great guests and great projects to show off. It was a great
event all the way around and good PR for the HIVE.



Yar cutto’s looked like everyone had a good time and the place looked surprisingly well improved much more open area to show off projects ! wlEmoticon-smile[1].png

Hodapp / Others - you have any pics online yet?


I know Paul camera was uploading pics taken to the flicker he had some them on the slide show during the event.


None online yet from me. Perhaps this evening once I get a chance to edit.

You can also upload pics to the google+ event. One nice thing about the event photos is that it keeps track and gives credit to who the photographer was.

A few of us used "Party Mode’ on Google+ for mobile, which uploaded our photos we took during the open house to G+ Event automatically. You can view the photos here and add your photos to the collection as well:



I would also like to say thanks to everyone involved, especially the “planning committee” that got it all started, Tiffany, Ed, Emily, and Elly! Thanks to everyone else who pitched in helping by cleaning up the space, running events, and bringing in food and the like!