Open house food!

We are going to have chicken and burgers, I’m going to make garlic mashed potatoes to go with them!
I think I may also pick up one or two of those big tubs of ice cream, how do people feel about fudge swirl or chocolate marshmallow?
Who else is bringing food? What sort of goodies?


While we are providing the mainstay of food. Burgers, dogs, drinks, etc. The sides and desert are potluck in nature. We encourage people to bring down a side or snack or two.

Make some cookies. Buy a gab of chips. Buy a bag of chips and a bag of the god king All-Dressed chips to bless the plebs. Bake some brownies. whatever strikes your fancy. We will even let Hodapp bring his hippy quinoa, kale, and acai berry salad.

Remember, anything left over from the open house we will break out for the Tuesday meeting as well.

Oh hey, guess I should post here that I’m bringing a pistachio cake.