Open House Demo Signup

For Open House this weekend we have a spreadsheet to sign up for Welcoming and Demo’s

Please sign up for a time slot.

Planned Demo’s

Learn to Solder in Electronics
Wood Turning on the Lathe demo - possible participation - a big 2x4 challenge block and some Poplar for napkin rings.
Laser Demo - A 4" HIVE13 coaster out of our plentiful gray acrylic
Plastics Bender - Laser cut a rectangle with name engraved then bent on the plastics bender.
Ultimaker2 - Anyone have a file they would like to run?

I’m planning at being at Books by the Banks with L2S ? Perhaps moving the L2S slots later in the day after BBB is over would make sense?

I was thinking the same thing.

We could leave some boards and supplies to do a few at the Hive though.


Not sure if this fits in your schedule, but I was planning to hack around trying to get the CNC to draw with a felt tip marker during the open house. Figured it would be something fun that wouldn’t make to much noise and people could collaborate on.

of course, this is assuming I am not still sick and can actually show up…

I’d be willing to take a turn at the wood lathe before I start grilling.

Brad, weren’t you going to leave us like parts for 50 pieces from the Learn to Solder supplies for the open house?

Sounds good.

I was going to pickup the supplies Friday.
I’ll leave enough stuff for 50 boards.


Also, while the Hive is providing burgers, hot dogs, and chicken, we need side dishes. Bring in your favorite side dish. I’ll bring in a pistachio cake.