Open Hive13 and Lockpicking forensics

Hello everyone,

Hive13 will be open tonight from 6:30 - 8:30. In addition, we will be working on the Lockpicking Forensics project ( Either way, if you are interested in pursuing your own thing or joining in on the forensics project, we’ll look forward to seeing you then!

Mike (Imhotep)


Just read through the wiki page. I’d love some more info on LockCop. Stoked to see the program coming together over there.

Hi Schuyler!

Testing the LockCop app tonight. It’s web based and should have an invite system (haven’t tested it). So if it works well enough tonight I’ll send you some account info and you can kick the tires of the app. I want to hit you up off list for ideas and suggestions for it as well. So if the app doesn’t horribly fail tonight I’ll get you setup :slight_smile: