Open Hive-Jointer & Thickness Planer training Saturday

So as part of my warden responsibilities I’ll be holding an open Hive session on Saturday. Time vaguely between 12-3, practically I’ll probably show up earlier than that, and probably leave later.

As part of the open Hive at 12 pm I’ll be giving instruction to anybody who cares on the Jointer & Thickness planer.

If nobody shows up, or after that if there are questions about other wood working tools, I’ll share what little I know.

And pointing out the value and use of the great workbench which just appeared, I hope!

John2pt0 (who can’t come by this Sat ; ( )

Just for Brad, who struggles with the use of flat surfaces! :slight_smile:

All joking aside, I’d be happy to also explain the workbench to anybody who wants to learn some of the more subtle bits.