Open Garages Vehicle Research Lab - Hive13

Hi all,

So those who have made it recently to the Tuesday Hive13 meetings know I am starting up a Vehicle Research Lab (VRL) to basically research hacking cars. This research will first focus on building cheap open source HW and SW to quickly analyze car systems. This will primarily start as research on the CAN bus systems but will also include navigation systems and other areas that would be considered part of the attack surface. We will meet at Hive13 on the second Saturday of every month starting at 6:30pm and going to around 9ish. Feel free to communicate at any time on the mailing list with questions, ideas etc.

This will be the first pilot group for I have a few other hackerspaces that are also interested in this type of research and will probably join shortly as well. One thing this group will do is try to document all the things other hackerspaces or groups will need to launch their own VRL facility.

These pages just went up and have very little info as they are just place holders but hopefully we can get these filled in shortly

VRL Hive13:
Open Garages:

I would like to get an idea on how many people are interested in this group. So please respond if you are interested in either attending or just following along on the research.


that’s awesome!

can you come to a 2600 meeting and do a demo of your navigation system hax?

Let’s make that a tentative yes. The next day after that meeting will be the Open Garage first kick off meeting. I don’t think there will be much overlap from navigation system hacking to the first meeting for the VRL since I think that one will be more focused on CAN bus hacking. There is a lot I still need to do to get ready for the OpenGarage stuff (like actually build the website) but tentatively I will try to make it on Friday as well.


Sounds awesome. Count me in for attending a few meetings and definitely following along with the research. I’ve got a PLX Kiwi Bluethooth ODBII Adapter (wow, that’s double what I paid a year ago!) we can play around with, if needed.

We have hardware cooking… Hope to get first rev done this week, have boards early september. Going to stay quiet about this until everything is finished.

This is great I’m definitely interested as well for meetings and following research. I’d like to say I’d be more involved but it’s hard to say atm.

I’m interested!
I talk to broken cars everyday. And then I just fix them. It would be fun to dig into them deeper. My can experience is limited to diagnosing which module is not talking or which module or a bad connection is bringing down the entire can line. And then replacing the module or fixing connections. If you think it will help or interested I can bring in some of my toys, an older linux based scanner, 2 windows XP scan tools, VAG COM for VW and Audi and some others. Also a simple but neat flight recorder. The bidirectional controls available on some of the tools makes it fun to fix the cars sometimes. I will not be able to come on the 2nd sat in sept. but can bring in tues. if you want. later, Steve Norris

That sounds great! I would love to see the tools you have. My guess is that this Saturday will just be an intro to CAN first with maybe a bit of in car work. My goal is to document both instructional material as well as projects and research on the wiki and mailing list.

Hopefully people who can’t make it will be able to follow along and contribute as well.

See you Tuesday!


I would like to follow along too - and maybe experiment a little on my
own. It's usually tough for me to make it down to the Hive, but I'll
be at the R2D2 talk with the family.

I think you know Mike and I are intersted - but we are pretty busy so
not sure how often we will make it there. Think this sounds like an
awesome project!

I’m working on a solution to this “distance learning” problem. More info soon.

Is there a meeting for Open Garage today ?

  • Asim

Yup, 6:30 on. It’s a loose schedule. Just show up and ring the buzzer.