Open/Closed Arduino

The open and closed switch hasn't been working for a while. I've tried the normal unplugging it but it still didn't work. Anyone that can fix this?

This is caused by the server being offline. One of the scripts that the door switch depends on is hosted there. I've gotten in contact with the folks at SpeedSpan and I should be getting the server back online in the next day or so.

- Ian B.

I'm pretty sure this went down before that happened. I remember this happening over a week ago but maybe longer. We can wait and see.

I think the server has been down for a while without us noticing, but you may be right and there is another issue. Either way the open/closed image on the website cant update without that server so theres not much point messing with it until its back online.

Ian B

When that switch was originally set up I had a problem with the switch not always working after a power outage. That issue was caused by the arduino and ethernet shield drawing too much power on startup and starving the ethernet chip. I had thought that problem was ‘fixed’ by using a more powerful power supply, but if it is still the problem you can reset the arduino through a hole in the top of the switch box.

That said, as Ian pointed out, the Hive13 shell server has been down for over a week and it is required for the switch to work.