One Night One Craft: Grailville Farm's New Skills for New Year


I posted a link to this event at the CAC on the Hive13 Facebook page and here is the link for those of you who hate Facebook. I’ve taken classes with the Grailville folks on home brewing and very much enjoyed it.

CAC Event:


Their pitch goes like so:
“How are you doing with those resolutions? Maybe it is time to! Did you…resolve to relax? Make some herbal bath salts, bath oils and even DIY perfumes.
resolve to be Greener? Learn how to create your own green household cleaners and even your own laundry detergent!
Resolve to find some peace? Find some inner tranquility by creating a mandala from recycled materials.
kick them off right with the help of Grailville’s favorite makers.”

Materials fee: Members: $5. Nonmembers: $8.
Seating is limited, for Reservations: 513-345-8400 or


Facebook group… huh. First time I’ve heard of this.

Yeah, the facebook group hasn’t really been a focus. and the mailing list are the main venues for event announcement etc.

…However, one thing we’ve talked about is getting the Hive more visibility. Maybe it’s time for the facebook page to become more of a thing? IMO it should be open rather than closed so people browsing can immediately see events and such.


This has been talked about. Mike, would you have the membership vote on changing the Facebook group from closed to open at the next meeting please? I doubt I’ll be able to make it.

Yep, we can have a vote!