One death trap down, 99 to go

So I’ve installed an outlet next to the jointer and planer so that they are now permanently plugged-in.

The old approach:

  1. Jump repeatedly until you grabbed the hanging extension cord
  2. Wrestle it to the ground
  3. Look frantically for the cinder block
  4. Realize it’s moved, let go of the extension cord.
  5. Search the hive for hours to the cinder block, give up, trip over it break your toe
  6. Hobble over to the jointer, dragging the cinder block, repeat steps 1-3
  7. Realize that you put the cinder block in the wrong place, let go of the cord, drag it closer, repeat 1-2
  8. Put the extension cord under the cinder block, plug in jointer
  9. Turn around, knock over the cinder block, release the cord, do steps 1-2 again.
  10. Get into a conversation with another hive member, forget about the jointer for 15-20 minutes
  11. Come back, realize that somebody else is using the extension cord, and it’s no longer in the right position to plug in the jointer
  12. After another 15-20 minutes, get the extension cord, realize the cinder block is being used to hold down something else
  13. Finally get BOTH the cinder block AND the extension cord
  14. Leave before getting anything done, start the whole process over again tomorrow.

New approach:

  1. Turn on jointer, mill wood

Instructions unclear. Cinder block now stuck in planer.

  • Ian B.

You’ve been banned from the woodshop, thanks for playing! :wink:

Ban unclear. Jointer now filled with peanut butter.

  • Ian B.

Crunchy or smooth? If it’s smooth it’s probably better for the wood anyway.


If it was crunchy it is now creamy (with extra fiber).