On Loan

Charlie has the Intuos 4 tablet, at least for the weekend. It’s in box, and getting boxed up each time it’s not in use. Let me know if you need it for anything, we will happily return it. I will be out of town, but ping me and I’ll hook you up with Charlie’s info and they can meet you at the Hive with it.

Just an FYI that isn’t the hive’s. It is actually Dave B’s. Please ask him before borrowing it again!


Perhaps it would be a good idea to put some sort of ID on items so we know what is on loan?

The tablet was donated long ago.

I agree though that a system for keeping track of what belongs to the hive and what belongs to people would be a good idea. I’m of the opinion that things that you wish to retain ownership of that are left at the hive either belong in private space (your locker/space) or you need to conspicuously put your name on it (like my green fiberglass ladder I often leave at the hive.) It’s too much of a burden on folks to keep track of hive vs. not hive unless people make it conspicuous that things at the hive do not belong to the hive.


I fully agree it would be an administrative nightmare to start tool tracking.

Jon just want yo be clear are you suggesting if someone is to borrow a tool they need to track down to see if its owned by the hive or a member.

I would have thought the action of leaving your tool at the hive on loan would suggest the owner would have no issue with members using this tool . My question is why does it matter if the tool is used within hive or not ?


I believe the mailing list is functioning well here. Clear communication and respect go hand in hand.

It was respectful of Dustin to send the notice of borrowing. Also, if Dave B had a problem, it could be stated clearly there. Anyone can express their need to use the equipment.

I have placed my own equipment at Hive as well. I would rather that it be used for awesome projects year round than live in dusty attic and be used by me occasionally. As long as it doesn’t show up in purgatory without notice, I’m cool. This is only my view of my loaned equipment, and may not reflect others’ views.

However, I worry that a database would facilitate less personal communication despite being advantageous for collecting data.


I think it is worth some discussion at the Tuesday meeting and perhaps a general statement on the Wiki.

My general thoughts are that if a piece of equipment is “loaned” to the Hive, and is out in the open, it is available for everyone to use at the Hive. There may be some training required so things aren’t broken, or people hurt, but pretty much the space and tools are there so people can do cool things.

If someone wants to take something offsite for a short time I think the mailing list is an excellent way to ask “I would like to take the Rigol O’scope home for a few days to troubleshoot our washing machine, anyone object?”. This way someone could chime in that they need the tool/thing at the Hive for a project.

Of course we probably need to set some expectations about abuse and consumables. I don’t think we need to make a phone book set of specific rules. I think problems will be the exception and we shouldn’t dwell on what could happen (except for personal safety).

Let’s keep the space fun.


I still favor the “if you don’t want it to be viewed as community property put your fucking name on it conspicuously” policy. It would be one thing if the Hive were a series of private lockers with clean tables that people can use. It’s not. It’s a community workspace with chaos++ which is the kind of environment I for one think the burden of establishing personal ownership should fall on the individual leaving shit at the space NOT members. People have homes to keep stuff they want to be possessive over - none of my nice scopes, logic analyzers, etc. get left at the Hive. If you want to exert control over how something is used, either don’t leave it at the hive or make it abundantly clear that this is YOUR thing that you’re brave enough to leave at the hive. This puts the burden on the person leaving stuff NOT on people trying to make use of stuff. Because that’s what the hive is about - have a place full of stuff to use, not stuff you need to look up in a database to see if Joe Bob says its ok.


Ha, it sounds like we are mostly in agreement.

As a newer member I guess it wasn’t clear when something had someone’s name on it, does that mean I can use it.

I also think a database is not necessary. The “name on the thing” way works pretty well.

I think the initial discussion was about someone taking something offsite though.

The mailing list is a nice way to find out who has the thing.