Old Member boxes in Purgatory

A former Member who has ended membership had assigned two slots, A-6 and A-20, and has not claimed ownership of items in these slots. As such, their contents have now been placed into Purgatory.

If this is actually your stuff and it was mis-labelled in intweb, as these assignments were left over from when the slots were assigned by a piece of tape with your name on it, please let me know (publicly or privately) and I will assign them to you and put the stuff back in the slot with all apologies. Otherwise, they will remain in Purgatory and will be discarded as part of the normal cycle.



Correction, B-6 and B-20

Hmmm… That first box looks like my cousin. His other cousin is here at my house…

I’d like to add him to my graveyard unless somebody else beats me to it…

James Hartley