Old hard drives needed!

After seeing the number of hard drives being tossed in the scrap bin I decided it would be neat to make a mirror out of the platters in them, considering how shiny they are! I scavenged 22 platters from the scrap bin, but I need about 20 more for the size mirror that I would like to make. If anyone has any old 3.5" hard drives that I could take the platters out of that would be great! I don’t think there are many more old ones laying around the hive.


Hello! (long time lurker, first time caller)

While you’ve got the drive taken apart, don’t forget to save the magnets! Those things are beastly and can scrape the paint off a refrigerator :slight_smile: Or you can shatter it and use it for keeping 5,000 business cards on the fridge.


That's a good idea, considering that right now our fridge has a lot of
really flimsy magnets that can hardly hold themselves to the fridge,
much less an actual piece of paper.

I think Dave B. tore down most of those drives and he did save the magnets. They are currently stuck to the rolling drawer rack w/ all of the computer components.

Yeah, we have quite a collection on the roll-around...

At the hive right now. Just took a snapshot of some of the magnets that are stuck to the side of the component rack :slight_smile: