Old Electric mower wants a home.

Does anyone want an old electric mower?

old = 24V deep discharge Pb acid (actually 2 x 12V in series) batteries

charger included

worked last I used it 2 years ago

old batteries included to get you the recycling $ discount

previously mowed about a 70 x 50 ft yard before needing a recharge
(this is our front yard, we had to recharge to get a single pass on the back yard)

or use for parts!


I’ll take it!

You got it!

I would like to bring it by on the weekend and leave it to be retrieved at your leisure, if that’s ok.



The mower is at the Hive.

Also the grass catcher, the charger, an adapter for the charger, and a spare control cable.

Yes! Thank you! I will try b to pick it up on sunday