Old bench plane in bucket O tools

At the far end of the space there is a bucket if tools that has been there for a while. I noticed there is an old wood bench plane in there. The blade/iron is chipped and a bit rusty, but salvageable. Does anyone have any objections to me restoring it?

I don’t think there would be any objection… those tools are a donation from my Mom through me… Jon helped forage them from my Mother’s house. It would be a great thing to have the plane restored and working!

I brought it home with me so I can work on it at any time. The blade will take a bit more time than I originally anticipated. The body only needs to have the sole (bottom) flattened, which should only take a bit of sanding. Now I'm just waiting for my water stones to come in so I can get started on it. My plan is to leave it mostly in it's current condition visually because I love the timeworn, weathered look of it. Mechanically, it just needs to be cleaned up, flattened, and sharpened (several chips in cutting edge). It is 16 inches, and should make for a decent jointer plane when it's finished.