October Science Hack Day

Hi All,

I recently encountered the concept of a “ScienceHackDay” - a 48Hr science and engineering hackathon.

I’d like to host one at the Hive, some weekend in mid-to-late October. I have contacts with other organizations in Cinci that may be interested in sponsoring the event, but the Hive is the only centrally located space that seems fit for the job. Is the Hive open to two-day events? I’m aware of events (like the LAN party) that went on for quite awhile, but nothing quite as long as SHDs are “supposed” to last.

For more info, check out http://sciencehackday.com/ and http://sciencehackday.com/about/.

Interested in helping organize? Is your company in a wet/dry science field? Do you like building things?
Drop me a line!


I am in no way a representative of the Hive, but I would be very
interested in this. Logistically, for a two day event, the weekend I
would say would be the time to shoot for. To the best of my knowledge,
nothing goes on at the Hive on the weekends.

Good to know. Now who is a representative of the Hive? I’ll definitely bring this up at a meeting when I’m in town early September, but I don’t actually move back to Cinci until early October, so wanted to start the conversation early.


Currently Dave Myers is President of Hive13, but generally if you
message any of the Officers they can set things up. I'm pretty sure
his email is pennyfingers at hive13 dot org. You can also (sometimes)
reach people on IRC. Server is Freenode (irc.freenode.net) and channel
is #hive13.

i'll get behind this and help any way i can.

I will help also.

For those of you who reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/cincinnati/comments/j526b/scinci_hacks/

Also, not to fragment discussion, but I’ve made a mailing list at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/scinci-hacks which may be of use later on.

After speaking to some of the members and with Ian again, it has been
decided that Hive 13 will be hosting this event. If you have any
interest in helping (and haven't posted in this thread already) please
send me an email and let me know. The date(s) are still tentative,
but will be taking place one weekend in October. Thank you!

I think the week end of the 22/23 or 29/30 would be best to give us
time to clean and organize.

22/23 May be the best. 29/30 will be filled with Halloween parties
I'm sure

I would agree, make that the official date so we can start giving
people enough notice and hopefully get people to run classes.

If Ian can confirm those dates I'd say it'd be set.

Let’s do it! I’ll send out an updated email to my list of prospective team mentors, buy a domain, and post a public description of the event.

Oh, bonus! 10/23 is so-called Mol day. (starting at 6:02 10/23)

Rock on!

Ha! Hooray for chemistry. That sounds official enough, I'll mark it
down and start planning.