Obligatory Introductions Thread

I know Chris and Xaphan from 2600, and work with Dr. Fuzz. I'm mostly
interested in software related things, linux, programming, networking.
I'd be there mostly to learn off the smarter people :-p.

I initially came into contact with chris at diycity.org. I also came to the most recent cinci2600 meeting and talked with him then.

My interests are in Open Source Hardware, and making things. Arduino, RepRap, etc.


hello everyone and thank you for accepting the invite.

my technical interests center around servers, networking (wireless and
otherwise), phones (VOIP and mobile), grid computing and

my cultural/social interests center around free speech, privacy,
intellectual property reform, and free culture.

i also love independent/electronic art, music, animation, and games.

i would like to build a space where hackers, makers, dorkbotters, and
other technical types can work, play, teach, learn, and share, but i
would also like to see other people come to the space to learn about
and benefit from our hacker spirit.

in my mind, the space will be a success when a person can have an
idea, do a little research, go to work on their project and find all
the parts, the tools, and the support they will need to make all the
mistakes necessary to create something worthwhile.

Hello all. As nauseaboy said, we work together, and that's how I was
introduced to your group. I've actually been heading up a separate
group working towards this same goal, and we've met a couple times to
work out the initial details. I had heard about hackerspaces in the
past, but the recent publicity on Wired (etc) were was also spurred us
into action. I'm hoping that we can all combine forces and get this
thing off the ground.

I want to create a space where we can all share ideas, where we can
appreciate each others work and offer both our tools and our expertise
to the community. It sounds like we're all on the same page in this

I've spent the last 8 years organizing and leading a gaming community,
loosely affiliated with Ars Technica - www.arsclan.net. Additionally,
I have experience with the nuts and bolts of running small businesses,
as I have owned and operated two small businesses in the past 10
years. I have a very distinct drive to organize and guide communities
of gamers, hackers, and other like minded individuals. That is not to
mention my own personal interests, which are pretty diverse - ranging
from computer hardware hacking, home improvement-minded electronic
upgrades (logical and physical security, including cameras etc), as
well as roll your own furniture, transportation (cars, motorcycles,
bikes), and robotics. The rest of the group to whom I've been doing
the preliminary research with are similarly diverse, ranging from
engineering to physics, medicine, and art.

I would love to invite the rest of the people to whom I've been
organizing to this group, as well.


in the interest of reaching as many people as possible, i set the
group so that all members can send invites. as long there aren't any
problems i hope it can stay that way.


do the people you're working with meet on a regular basis at all?


should we start to meet up on some kind of regular basis? Should we
make a plan to all introduce ourselves to each other at the next
cinci2600 meeting? (Note: if the next cinci2600 meeting is May 1st, I
won't be able to come.)

Any other thoughts on meeting up in person?


Hello! I'm a friend of Jason's from a very long time ago.

My background is pretty varied, much like most of what the general
consensus appears to be. I tend to get creative "itches" from time to
time that lead to anything from making paper to innovative household
repairs. I'm in IT, but was recently laid off from my job due to
outsourcing. My experience includes the typical Windows Server Admin
functions, but I've dabbled with linux and apple, as well as
networking and applications.

I think this is a great idea to use not only tools and a shared space
for projects and other "cool things", but also just to meet other
people who are innovative, spontaneous, and have a clue.

As for meeting on a regular basis, I'm available, and willing.


As of yet we have not been meeting in any regular capacity.

I think these introductions and first looks are a good step. Once
everyone is on the same page, I think we should all get together, have
a few beers, and get to know each other. Regular meetings (every two
weeks to start?) are also a good idea, as it will give us structure
and time to get things together.

Would everyone be interested in some more real time conversation via,
IRC? I think Jason mentioned he could start a channel?


I too am a friend of Jason's from way back. We've both been involved
in Arsclan since it's inception. I currently work as an RN at
University Hospital in the outpatient area. I'm going to start running
the blog for my union. I've been taking care of people for most of my
working life in one capacity or the other. I'm exNavy as well. I have
a wide range of interests. The ones that I've seriously pursued
include: brewing, permaculture, various martial arts, brainwave
manipulation with pulsed light and sound, sculpture, tearing apart
engines and computer games. I'm currently working on a sonar
navigation jacket for use by the blind and a sculpture of Robert
Oppenheimer posed as Shiva. So I guess I fall more into the 'arts'
area as far as tech interest goes. I can't read hex and my code is
often heavily stolen and then mangled by my meager talents. However, I
can't seem to shake the bug to make stuff.

Jason and I have been talking about exactly this kind of organization
for the past few weeks. I think it is a wonderful idea and I'll do
what ever I can to help it get off the ground. I do have some contacts
in the local artist community who are going to get in contact with me
regarding potential space. I think that more communication is better
therefore I would be for an IRC channel. Meetings are a good idea I'd
love to come to the 2600 meeting. Does Guy Dillon still attend? I've
known him for quite a while now.

Anyhow good to be here. Sorry for the post length. I'm kinda the slow
elephant here.

hello again.

erik: i am in and out of university hospital all the time (i work in
the medical sciences building to the back of the hospital). i have
also talked with one of the doctors i work at university hospital
about providing computers and training freegeek style for people who
participate in her program to help people who are victims of violent
crime (http://www.outofthecrossfire.org). she mentioned having
contacts that may help us get space. i introduced the idea of
hackerspaces and freegeek, and i am pretty sure i completely
overwhelmed her.

i am all for an irc channel, or a silc channel if you are a
lazy^H^H^H^Hcrypto freak like me :slight_smile: we could use the same server
that cinci2600 uses and just start another channel:

i idle in that room all day, so idling in another might be even more
fun :slight_smile:

as for meeting, what say ye to a monthly/bimonthly mixer? i would
recommend following the tuesday design pattern, but i have class
tuesday-thursday nights until may. i am having the handful of
dorkbotters crash the cinci2600 meeting until we have our own crew to
put on our own events. i did this for three reasons:
1) this is what the dayton dorkbot does so it feels like some sort of
2) the venue is already reserved so there is little pressure on me to
scout and secure a location
3) there are guaranteed to be people there, so i am not inviting
strangers to meet a lonely fat guy in a coffee shop somewhere which is

getting more people involved than just hackers is how we are going to
succeed, since it's probably the non-hackers that are going to help us
the most. so i say we welcome anyone willing to share and focus on
what we have in common.

i want to especially encourage artists and designers to join us. we
need cool looking stuff to help us recruit people and raise capital :slight_smile:


I met Chris via 2600 awhile back and I’ve known nauseaboy for years. My interests are *nix, networks, electronics etc. As of late I have had a great interest in mold making and screen printing however these skills are not developed yet. I am really going for a space where folks can learn from each other and learn by doing while doing cool things with technology (new and old).


"I'm currently working on a sonar navigation jacket for use by the
blind and a sculpture of Robert Oppenheimer posed as Shiva."

This is awesome. I would love to see a picture of J. Robert
Oppenheimer with 4 arms in the lotus position on a t-shirt, and then
on the back a mushroom cloud with Kenneth Bainbridge's quote from the
Trinity test "Now we are all sons of bitches."


Hi all, I'm Starbuck/Matt. Call me either, but realize that when I
think about myself in third person, I'm Starbuck. For as long as I
can remember I've been fascinated with the web, hooking up "real
stuff" (via mcu/plc/etc) to the web and allowing people to interact
with it. I came to know Jason, Erik, and Kibitz by way of
arsclan.net, who collectively became my second family after I got
divorced and moved from pennsylvania to cincinnati. I have never
known a better group of people, and for me it just feels normal to
have an "electronic family"

I have an EE background but never really went into engineering,
preferring to stay playing with computers and the web, and eventually
growing into sysadmin and finally systems architect. I like big
complicated IT toys, SANs, networks, virtualization, monitoring, etc.
On the non technical side I am an aspiring photographer and
occasionally do some graphic design/illustration work.

I'm looking forward to sharing the tools I've got, and knocking the
rust off my old EE skills. And maybe finally one day understand the
formula to get the right value tantulum cap to get those (#)()#&(^$$*%#
(@ crystal oscillators to go...

And I should stop now, beware, I am mostly insane and have a tendancy
to ramble.

Hello all. I didn’t introduce myself at the first meatup. You can
just call me Guy or StaticGuy, either one works. A few of you know me
from here and there. Erik and Jason I have know for a while, Kazzen,
just meet from the SteamPunk meetups.

I have been around for a long time. (first computer: TRS-80 Model I
in 1978(and I still have it, and it booted up last time I checked).
Right now I spend most of my free time riding and racing bicycles, and
making costumes for SteamPunk and other for cons. I also have a large
collection of old computer hardware and parts and old classic Arcade
games and parts.

I have for a long time wanted to help created a hackerspace type
place, long before that name. Between hanging out at houses filled
with geeks and artist type spaces in warehouses and reading
Neuromancer, I knew one day it will all reach a critical mass.

I am mostly self taught with everything that I know and that is where
I think the group dynamic will work great, as there is stuff I think I
know but really don’t, and other stuff I really do know that other
people likely don’t. Everything for bike assembly, rebuild a VW
engine, to arcade game board repair with just maybe a text file from
the InterWeb.


I'm Avishaan about to be a grad student at UC in the fall. I actually
looked for a hackerspace type thing about 3 months ago and didn't see
anything in cincy. Now i'm pretty excited having found this site. I'll
introduce myself more on the 2nd. See you guys there!!

Hello everyone,

I am Paul, I too am a student up at UC, currently in my 4th year of
CS. I also saw an article a few months ago talking about hackerspaces
and was just checking the website again when I noticed that there was
now one in Cincinnati.

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to electronics, but I have taught
myself some things. My most recent project involved using a salvaged
thermistor and an arduino to make a digital thermometer for my room so
I could log the temperature.

In any case I was thinking about stopping by the June 2nd meeting,
however I wanted to stop by the chat room first and have run into a
problem. When I tell it to connect to sauna.silcnet.org I get the
message, "Server closed connection: No more free resources (48) Server
is full, try again later". I will try again in a little bit to see if
a slot has freed up.

- Paul

there has been some churn over silc (apparently it’s not normal to use screen to keep a shell open on a machine for months at a time) so i am eager to replace it with something else if it means more folks in chat day to day.

FYI, I have a silc server if that is the issue. It runs on my personal server at a datacenter and I have had no resource problems with it.

I’m proposing moving the general/public chat room to freenode.net. Just now I joined #cinhackspace, #cincinnatihackspace, #hive13, and #cincinnatihackerspace.

Which of these channel names do people think we should go with? Or is there another channel name I didn’t try?