Here are the numbers coming out of the faire.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many boards went out because on Sunday I started recycling boards from the dud pile and in the chaos I didn’t end up with an exact count of how many I salvaged and how many were used. It was somewhere between 35 and 40. At the end of the day we were dipping into that pile.

We had 407 boards going into the weekend, so I believe it is safe to say we gave out 410-420. (the initial order for the project when it started 3 years ago was 500)

On Saturday we took in $305.47 and used 254 boards

On Sunday we took in $236.00.

I imagine the difference on Sunday was because it was an hour shorter, (though we stayed an hour later) and because we were not running 4 (and sometimes 5!) instructors all day like we did on Saturday. Which is good because if we had, we would have run out.

So that is $541.47 collected in donations for both days, our biggest gross yet.

I was in the hole $178.90 for parts I had ordered for this weekend, so the actual net was $362.57, which is also the amount I now owe the hive. But, it is important to note that I over ordered on parts, so we now have 200+ (way more than that in the case of LEDs) of everything except maybe magnets.

Other interesting numbers:

Total spent on this project - $1,227.18 (it would be a lot higher if Dave hadn’t secured Osh Park’s sponsorship. Maybe we can get a sign or something for osh park to display somewhere next time.)

Total spent by the hive directly - $425

Total spent by the hive directly if I pay back everything and don’t plow any of it back into parts again - $62.43

Sixty two dollars and forty three cents! Not bad for a $750 budget. Of course all of this is ignoring costs like Elly’s groovy signage and all the man hours poured in by all of you.

All these numbers come from