Now on Amazon Smile!

You can now contribute to Hive13 via Amazon Smile! If you are not familiar with Amazon Smile, it is a way to contribute to your favorite charity with no cost to you. Just use instead of The charity will receive 0.5% of anything you purchase from Amazon.
If you pick Hive13, it’s a little confusing. You can say that you want to contribute to Hive13 but it will then say that it is going to Sad Bee Inc in Montgomery, OH. That’s okay. Sad Bee Inc is the company name for Hive13. You can learn more about the history and how is came to be named that in the Hive13 Wiki.
If you can contribute this way, it would be very much appreciated. We are in an awesome new space with way too many things that need to be done. Most of which cost money. So please help if you can.

John Clark - just another member

Thank you John for your initiative to send your well-worded message to get the word out on this!


“just another member” that is one step removed from sainthood.

Thanks again, John.

Don’t give me too much credit. I did not set up the Amazon Smile account. It was announced at the board meeting on Monday and I thought everyone should know about it.
It wasn’t clear who set it up but they deserve the real thanks. I just didn’t think we should keep it a secret.

I just switched over to Hive 13. It shows up as Sad Bee.

Related, there is a chrome extension called Smile Always that will automagically redirect all accesses to

I have used it for a few years, it’s completely unobtrusive.

yeah its been around for a long time! glad there is better knowledge of it now!

Smile has been around for a long time, but Hive13 only just recently got set up to actually receive the donations from it.

I just went and found a browser plugin to redirect me to if I end up just at

Should help ensure that I am generating more donation revenue in the future.

oh interesting. I see in my email I started using it in 2018. did Hive just get set up to receive those donations?

Non-profits and charities have to create an account with Smile and set up direct deposit for them to actually receive the donations, and Amazon does not tell customers what charities have done that and which ones have not. the vast majority of Smile donations go un-claimed. and they cannot be claimed retro-actively, Purchases made before this year with Hive13/Sad Bee Inc. as the beneficiary provided us with no income because we had not registered.