Now offering free plants!

We have planted our garden to capacity and have several seedlings left over. So if anyone would like some veg for their garden here’s what I can offer:

3 heirloom tomatoes - a pink, a purple, and a yellow
3 cucumbers - 2 dragon’s egg, 1 standard issue cucumber
2 squash - a ronde de nice, a birdhouse gourd
2 peppers - mini bell peppers
1 Chinese snake bean (possibly we have 1 that had a traumatic experience, if it recovers our backup beam will be available.)

We always start extra seeds in case some don’t germinate, but we had pretty good luck this year, hence the spares.

I’ll take a squash seedling. We already have plenty of the rest.

Interested in a tomato and cucumber. Hit me up on slack.

Ooh! I’ll take a pepper and a cucumber if they’re still available

There are spare plants at the hive. There is a box on the center table. They will not live for long, so if you would like the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers you are welcome to them.

Again, they will dead soon so if someone swoops in and takes them, you are being a savior not a hog.

There are also some teeny lemondrop and fish pepper volunteers that can be pricked out into a dozen plants as well.

I’ll pitch any remaining corpses on Thursday when we are working on the power racer.