Now in purgatory: all you can eat SCSI buffet!!!

An archaeologist came by and unearthed about 100 sq ft of floor space not seen at Hive since the protohackilithic period.

Most notably, we deduced primitive hive culture valued SCSI cables for their ability to ward off evil technology spirits. It is believed that the SCSI cables were too bulky and heavy to be stolen by the ghosts. We now know that the inhabitants put them everywhere and inside every container to keep the contents safe from evil spirits.

A museum of 1980’s cabling artifacts is temporarily installed in purgatory.


P.S. Don’t freak out, a couple samples were kept for the permanent collection.

Lorin! That was the only thing keeping the large collection of 80s joysticks with obsolete gameport connections in check. Now they’ll move out of their small niche in the otherwise empty file cabinet to take over the Hive!!! I insist the SCSI cables be returned to their rightful places.

Oh wait, we moved them to purgatory, and the filing cabinet is now available for Kevin’s welding class.