Nominations are now open for Hive13 VP/Chief Membership Officer

Nominations are now open for the position of Hive13 Chief Membership Officer due to Paul Picton’s resignation.
We extend our wholehearted Thanks to Paul for all that he has done for Hive13.Chief Membership Officer

  1. The Chief Membership Officer serves as the primary people person ensuring members have a positive experience.
  2. The Chief Membership Officer shall coordinate new member recruitment, orientation, mentoring, and outreach programs.
  3. The Chief Membership Officer shall facilitate communication between members.
  4. The Chief Membership Officer shall solicit feedback on all aspects of this Corporation.


  1. Any qualified Member has the right to nominate an eligible person for office.
  2. Any qualified Member has the right to nominate themselves.
  3. Only the nominated candidate can un-nominate themselves.
  4. If only one person is timely nominated to run for an office and accepts such nomination, they shall run unopposed.

Resignations and Terminations

  1. Any Officer may resign at any time by written notice delivered to the Board.
  2. A resignation is effective when the notice is delivered unless the notice specifies a future date.
  3. Nominations for Members to run to replace the Officer who has resigned or been terminated shall open when the officeholder tenders their resignation and remain open for one (1) week.
  4. Members, at a Special Meeting of the Members, called for such purpose, shall elect the replacement among the candidates who have been nominated and accepted their nomination using the Voting procedures in these bylaws.
  5. The replacements term shall last until the next Annual Meeting of the Members.


I nominate Kostas (konstantinos perentesis) for CMO.


i accept the nomination!! thank you!!

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