Noise at the hive today?

Josh that lives upstairs sent a message asking if something was moved machine wise down stairs because it was so loud he couldn't even talk on the phone upstairs. He sent a video I'll try to attach and it was pretty loud. I do not know where this falls with things?

IMG_0003.3gp (736 KB)

That pretty much sounds like the CNC. Seems a bit slow. Not sure if something has changed with the equipment.
Can anyone reply if they used the CNC today (Wednesday 1/25/2017)?

I know Andrew was looking into venting the cyclone output outside.
Not sure if that happened yet, if so, I wonder if there is something pressing against something and amplifying the sound?
We could work with Josh and try and find out what is generating the noise and what has changed.

I’m down here now, the CNC shows no signs of being used. Greg was down here using the wood lathe, but he only recalls this and the table saw being used only recently.

Weird, wonder what the sound was. Definitely some kind of motor. The load seems to change a few times. Not with the usual frequency of the CNC.
Perhaps the table saw? Buy why so noisy now?

Can we get a better idea of the time the video was taken?

Clay found the culprit. The 8 gallon wet dry vac. Talked to the guy up stairs and we confirmed the noise with some testing. It’s probably about time to pitch it and get a new one. Probably not a Ridgid since they don’t have standard hookups.

Just to reiterate, it’s the tall 8 gal craftsman wet dry vac. i thought it was a Ridgid vac. Course, our orange Ridgid vac doesn’t seem to work either, so might consider replacing as well.



That’s disappointing, since it’s Tim’s vac. He brought it down for the vac clamp for the CNC. I think he got it for free, but please check with him before chucking it.

Well the filter and hose are brand new, but I suppose if the vacuum is garbage then it’s garbage.

If I remember, that one was especially loud.

Let’s look into a new one.


Craigslist is worth a look here. Shop vacs don’t hold value well and are amazingly cheap on the used market.

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The Craftsman ones still get good ratings.

I get them from the flea market the black one I brought down that’s in the metal room ran 12 bucks with attachments… and it really sucks XD

I’d like to get another one, something smaller, and put it in a cart with the cyclone as a little vacuum cart.