Nintendo 3ds questions

My nephew is begging me to get a 3ds to play pokemon with him and had some questions for those that might own or have worked on them.

1. Where id the best place to get one likely refurbished or used.

2. I am reading that there is a way to play the games on a console via tv? I believe the games he wants to play are pokemon x and y.

3. Is there any good mods to do to them to play backups of :wink: owned games. Or a controller or other items that would be beneficial?

I have not messed around with anything other than xbox and playstation for console gaming for years and any advice would be awesome! I ended up getting cut open pretty good in 6 places and the surgery whooped my butt so I have to stay in for another week or so minimum.

Lol and as things always go as sideways as possible, I somehow got poison ivy really bad on our marriage retreat with church on my knee that was worked on. It is breaking out all over the place and I just ventured into YouTube how to amputate videos if it keeps going downhill :slight_smile: