Next Meeting - June 9th


Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 9th at 7:00pm at Taza in Clifton.
This is our regular weekly meeting.

Topics we will be discussing will include: the building we viewed over
the weekend, membership fees / structure, and the incorporation
details. See the wiki page for the rest of the agenda:

Take a look at the wiki page if you want to see what we're talking
about in advance and edit the page if you have some ideas you want
included on the agenda.

If you cannot make it to this meeting, you will be able to call in and
listen on a conference call at 1-866-557-2828. To join the call you
will need to get a pin number from nauseaboy.

As usual I'll attempt to take minutes and be in our IRC room ( #hive13
on ) at the same time.