Next Meeting - June 2nd

It seems to have been somewhat agreed upon that (at least for now) we
should go ahead and meet Tuesday nights.

I propose we meet at 7pm at Taza this coming Tuesday, June 2nd.

Please add any items you'd like to discuss to the agenda on the wiki:

For the benefit of those who will not be present, I will attempt to
take minutes as best I can.


I think we should also try to host via DimDim on Tues.

We can have somebody at Taza connect via a laptop and dial in w/ the phone on speaker or something. Might be a good experiment to see if we can have ppl participate who can not physically be at Taza.


Since we are (probably) moving to every week for a meeting I suggest we make these more like a weekly status meetings. Basically don’t expect anymore than an hour or so. Our agenda should be like a living doc. Just what are the issues we are currently working on, their status and any new issues.

After the meeting we should just post the current status to the mailing list. For major decisions we should setup a special meeting. Like picking the building or what not.

I think we should go ahead and try to do a weekly status on Tues June 2nd and see how it works out.


my wife is having our son this weekend, so I doubt I will be able to attend the meeting on TUE as we’ll have a newborn boy. plz take minutes so that I know what I missed out on. Or even video tape it… did someone say webcast? :slight_smile:

I have some training I need to do tonight starting at 8pm, so I'll be
at Taza a little early, but I'll need to leave around 7:30 so I don't
get in trouble with work...

I have no clue what you guys look like. Could I get the phone number
of someone who will be there so I can call and find you guys? BTW I
have a beard if that helps to identify me.

I believe we will be on the second floor. I showed up last month and I had no problem figuring out which group it was :wink: Eventually we will have a profiles page … but I think it may just be for current members. :confused:

I too have a beard. I'll be in tan shorts and a blue tshirt with the
words "are we having fun yet" on the back

I am wearing black shorts and a black shirt with the Penny Arcade Fruit F***er 9000 on the front and a leaking orange on the back. While I have no beard, I have not yet shaved this week, so I have a bit of a stubbly face.

  • Paul

p.s. I am also coming straight from one of my classes on UC’s campus so I might be a little late, I just hope it does not start to rain…

I'll be in work attire: black polo and khaki pants.

I'll also be really freakin early.

I may be outside smoking.

hackers are easy to pick out. laptop with stickers and black t shirts are dead giveaways :slight_smile:

I will not be able to make it due to a prior work commitment.

We are meeting now! If you are not here, see if this works:

I'm new to DimDim...


The mediawiki is set up, dreamhost instructions state:

go to your current webhost and just have them add a "CNAME DNS record
for that points to

Don'tcha love instant gratification.

Here’s the conference number we can use for next time:

1-866-557-2828. If you aren’t going to make it and would like to dial in. E-mail me and i’ll give you the pin number.