Newly functional fab-lab computer "3D-Rage"

The desktop machine by the 3D printers has been in an unusable state for a while. I took some time today and re-mediated the problem for now. As follows:

  1. Reformatted the hard drive

  2. Installed Linux Mint* (an OS that is really easy to use, despite the L-word).

  3. Installed Cura, Slic3r, and set up the Ultimaker drivers.

  4. This computer is now named “3D-Rage”.

  • Sorry Ian, I did try Ubuntu Mate, as we talked about, but the install disk wouldn’t get past a kernel panic of some sort. So, Mint it is.

So, now we not only have a 100% functioning Ultimaker again, an Anet A8 and gigabot, but also a convenient computer set up for slicing and printing!

I’m sorry if anyone had important files on this computer that were deleted, but it really was really truly unrecoverable and beyond all hope. I’m sorry for your loss.

This brings me to some reminders:

  1. Shared computers at Hive are not stable places to store anything important. Please backup all your files to a floppy disk.

  2. We have a “Networked Attached Storage” thingy (wifi floppy disk) which members can store things on. This is called DUMPSTOR. There should be info on the wiki, or just ask another friendly hiver how to dial-in if you don’t know how…

  3. Even DUMPSTOR is not as safe as your own floppy disk.

3D rage is completely capable of doing 3D printing and fab-labing it was intended for with linux mint. In fact, it’ll do it a lot better, faster, and without a zillion bytes of malware.

Please enjoy this computer for browsing the “world wide web”, slicing stl’s and operating our 3D printers, laser / dot matrix printing, fax, etc.


Thanks Lorin! :slight_smile: Did we ever upgrade that computer to a SSD?

Floppy disk? So last century!

; P


He is probably referring to the actual “floppy” disk and not the “stiffy” 3.5"

8 inch, 5-1/4 inch and the 3-1/2 inch.

I had someone ask me get them some more of the CH disks one time. When I asked what they were talking about they showed me the 3.5" disk held so the High Density (HD) logo looked like CH. :grinning:


Just be sure not to lose the boot disk.


P.S. You got a mini-disc lying around there as well?



Thanks a lot for doing that Lorin. “De-shittify the FabLab PC” has been on my to-do list for a while now. Also, Floppy disks? Geez, what decade are you living in? Everybody knows zip drives are the future!

  • Ian B.


I have an 8" drive, if you need it…