Newb 3D Printer build ?

Hey guys I know we have some people out here very good in 3d printers, Ive been wanting to build one of these for some time thought see if you guys had any suggestions or input might like to enlighten me on things I should be looking at or aware of or suggestions what to use for print board / motors / extruder head. I have some free time coming up and looking to order parts I will need to at least start the adventure looking to try and keep it under 500. I do have collection random printer parts i assume usable for this and things ive picked up over the last year mirror plates etc…

Open as well to if you guys know any good starter printers should look at ?

I’m in Seattle for few weeks yet but should be able to make the meeting 21st.

Hi Barry,

I was asking a lot of these question myself when I put together the Ultrabot at the Hive last year. The reprap wiki ( has lots of info. To get you started…motors are usually Nema-17 steppers, electronics are usually some beefy arduino derivative such as printrboard or azteeg, and wade’s extruder is popular.

Honestly, having frankensteined together a sub-$400 printer, I’d recommend getting a complete kit or an assembled printer. (Unless you are looking forward to the challenge and have a high tolerance for frustration.) Printrbot Simple and Solidoodle 2 are both well-established printers within your price range. But there’s literally hundreds of 3d printers out now, so it’s hard to keep track of them all.