New Year's Eve - No Tuesday Meeting, Hose Reel Workday?

For anyone who wasn’t aware, there is no meeting tomorrow evening (2019/12/31).

However, I plan to come in and work on getting the air hose reels plumbed up if there is anyone willing to hang out and lend a hand every now and again. I shouldn’t need much help, just someone to hand me the longer pieces of pipe while I’m on the ladder and to call 911 if I fall. Should be able to work on something else most of the time.

Anyone interested?


Kevin M.

Seeing as you have an out of state cellphone, I would just like to point out that you have hose and a different area code.

and you got hose.

so when the hose is in your possession, I think it’s fair to say you have hose and a different area code. That’s close, right?

Hey, just a reminder, I'm hoping to get the air reels plumbed up today if I can get an extra set of hands and eyes to help out. Anyone willing?

The good news: there are only 2 parts I am missing for the hose reels after the air compressor fiasco!

The bad news: there are 2 missing parts standing between me and getting the air hose reels hooked up :frowning:

I'll get those parts ASAP, the hose reels should be hooked up very soon.

-Kevin M.

So does that mean you still have hose or the hive has the hose but it’s just not useful hoes?

Umm... Well... I got what I needed this morning and got everything hooked up, so the hoses are now useful.

I have no comment on your pop culture reference...