New Windows! WooHoo!

If you have been by Hive13 in the last few days, you can’t help but notice the paint chips on the sidewalk outside.

Today, Earl Weber from Garden Street Recycling, who owns the building gave me a call to fill us in.
The building is going to be painted outside to match the current paint scheme. Earl is also restoring the Anchor building sign and the Anchor on the door.

In addition to the painting, over 70 new windows will be installed. Included are the east facing double hung windows in our space. and at least two windows in FabLab. They will be complete replacements with fixed lights above and new double hung below. This is excellent. However we do need to take the exhaust fan out of the weld room window. Snuffleupagus can be remounted along with the air conditioners as soon as the windows are in. The window in FabLab with the A/C and exhaust is not certain. Earl will let us know more details as the day of installation gets nailed down.

All this is dependent on weather and the rate of progress on the rest of the project.

I’ll be asking for some help in getting the space ready for the install. Stand by for further updates.

Yes we need to do work. But we also get new windows. Yea!

Dave Velzy

Maybe there will be a roof that doesn’t leak this decade…

The skeptic in my has to ask, is there a rent increase involved?

Or we could be happy for new windows?

Yes, Be very Happy about new windows. And No rent increase. He is looking to reduce his utility bills which are included in our rent.

We did discuss the roof, and leaking windows in FabLab. Window replacements should solve the window leaks. Earl is very interested in tracking down the pesky midroom leak in fablab because he paid for a fix. Roofing can be a pain in a place like this.

Do you happen to know if they are using Low-E glass? That made a surprising difference in my home. Plus they are cool to look at when you wear polarized glasses, which is my primary concern!

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I have no idea about the specifications, though the FREE to Hive13 part did come through.

Just got a heads up on new window installation starting Wednesday or Thursday. The window delivery was going to start upstairs, but wound up being ours first.

The ones to change out will be marked with this afternoon. For now, anticipate only marked uncovered windows will be replaced.

The install crew needs access to the windows from both inside and out. They installers will clean up after the installation, but we need to clear the way for them in advance.

This means TONIGHT we need to clear stuff away from the windows so the crew can get into them.

The main workroom, metal room and fablab are all involved.

This includes both stuff in the windows and parked along the walls. the vent fan in the metal room and two air conditioners. Glass work station, mill parts and Purgatory.

I’m working with Earl from Garden Street to coordinate the work so that we are ready and I can be present for most of the time they are in HIve13.

Dave Velzy
Hive13 COO

Thursday is installation day for new windows. As it turns out we may get more windows changed out than were marked on Tuesday.

Come visit. I’ll be there most of the day.

Dave Velzy

Windows are in but finish trim and outside capping will be done Friday. Don’t put stuff back along the window wall until Friday night or Saturday.