New welding/plasma cutting table

It’s here! It has arrived!

Justin from Oberaw Industries and Bob from RME machining across the street unloaded it at about 4 today.

It looks and feels great. It took some work to get it in to the dirty room since it is wider than the door, but I got it in!

Please try to be a little gentle with it at first. I expect it to get beat up over time (especially from plasma cutting) so I’m not too worried. The top grating is replaceable and is pretty cheap. I will probably try to buy one or two replacements now so we can easily swap them later.

For those curious it is 3’x5’, on casters, and is reasonably heavy.


2015-02-19 18.06.45.jpg

2015-02-19 16.57.31.jpg

2015-02-19 16.48.43.jpg