New Waterjet targeted for Hackerspace

Check it out =


Yes I saw this also. The $20,000 price tag is a bit scary but I’m thinking they will get cheaper.
Maybe we can win one . . .

Nicely done. Kind of a small working size for most of our members (fine for me, though). I imagine, if it’s successful, cost / sq ft will come down. I remember buying a laser cutter for a hackerspace in NM in 2008 that was 1/10th the size of our big laser and 10x the cost (also only 35W). Ah progress.


Does anyone know if the “WAZER” that’s mentioned in the article (at $5000 or so) is in use around here?
The Kickstarter page seemed to indicate it was shipping.


The kickstarter for the Wazer project has some good info:

We could inquire about getting one. Looks like around $5K.