New Warden: Lisa Crump is now our Crafting and Sewing warden!

Everyone please welcome Lisa Crump as our newest Warden!

Lisa will be the (newly created) Crafting and Sewing Warden. With our new space, we have a vastly larger amount of space set aside for clean and quiet activities , and we have many plans for expanding our capabilities in those directions!

For those who have not met Lisa, she did a fantastic job leading our recent expansion of our sewing area, giving us a fully dedicated sewing space with dedicated sewing machine and serger tables. She has also led or helped with several classes, including cross stitch ornament and glass bead earring classes around Christmas. On top of that she has a whole slew of personal crafty projects she has been showing off on Slack of the last year!

If anyone has any ideas for how we should start filling our new crafts spaces at the new building, or knows of crafting related tools and materials we need to order on the warden budget, please let Lisa know and I’m sure she can help us get it done!


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary

Yay Lisa!!!