New vinyl cutter

Thanks to one of Dave B’s friends (Tony) we now have a very nice fairly new vinyl cutter. It is a vinyl express q60 and can cut up to 24" vinyl.

It is currently in the middle of the space, but I will find a home for it soon.

Thanks Tony and Dave!

2015-01-15 15.02.25.jpg

That looks awesome… I now have to do research and figure outbhow it works

It is a great addition to the hive tool list!
By the way, if we get one this cutting knife, we would be able to make stickers wit hthe shapoko!


I have a design for a drag knife that we can mill out of aluminum on the shapeoko or big cnc when it is done. Much cheaper and the blades are standard razor blades.

I have seen one on internet too. the only drawback of these kind of drag knife is the minimum cutting radius. It could limit your capabilities