New to arduino

I have an arduino project I am working on and I know zip about programing. What I am doing is far above the blinking led and speakers, I need to make it run a stepper motor have it count motor needs to run forward and backwards. I would like to have it linked to my phone via a app. Would this group be a good place to start?

Hi Jump:

Thanks for reaching out to Hive13 about your interesting Arduino project goals. Hive13 is {sort-of *} a good place to start as described below.

It may be best for you to attend one of our open meetings on any upcoming Tuesday night at 2929 Spring Grove Ave. You are most welcome to come check us out and see for yourself. Folks usually start to arrive anytime after work, up to the 7:30 pm meeting time and then into the evening. Our membership is a diverse group and there is a wide variety of skill sets within the community; wood working, metal working, glass blowing, sewing, knitting, manual machine shop, CNC, TIG/MIG welding, 3D printing, electronics, programming, PCB design, soldering, and cooking, just to get started. You will find some members that share your interests and be a helpful resource for you.

At the same time, everyone has their own priorities, and time limits. The {sort-of *} caveat is that you are more likely to find general encouragement, shared experiences, and offered suggestions, rather than dedicated commitment and step-by-step direction to implement your specific project for you.

If you are on a “learning quest”, then self-directed, learn-by-doing is the way to go. Hive13 can be a nurturing support community. There are multiple YouTube videos showing multiple different ways to wire and program an Arduino to drive a stepping motor. I myself dabble in this area and can recommend sites and several examples there such as DroneBot Workshop to get you started. There are similar YouTube videos from this and multiple other sources showing how to do phone app control using Arduino family variants and alternatives. You just need to put the two together. Of course, this is the challenge, and also the fun!

We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!


Awesome! Lots of other interest in this group. I wouldnt need much help on the hardware side of things but programming I do not know. I thought it may have been on google for an arduino 101 class in from this group however I may be in correct. I have most of this figured put but the programing I recently need some guidance with. I'll check the link you sent and see if that further helps me in this adventure. Thanks again.

Tomorrows meeting is canceled correct?

Tomorrow’s Weekly Meeting is On . Not cancelled.

The only meeting cancelled is Monday night’s Sparks.

Greetings Jump,

Dont know what part town your in, or prefer to go , but there is a small robot automation club at Mid Point Library, meets every Thursday might enjoy as well ,