New Stand for the Planer

The project is only partially done (ran out of time), but we now have a stand for the thickness planer. Current cost is less that $10, including the shelf I’m going to put in to make a better bed to eliminate snipe.

Project is now completed. Ran a small piece of light weight pine through and there was NO snipe.

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.jpg


Thanks for working on it.

You should have stuck around to see the test piece, looked like I had machined it.

Well you had machined it. Old school style.

Very Nice, Andrew!

Yay! Glad to see a planer in a usable location rather than on the floor. Thanks Andrew!

You’re welcome everybody.

BTW, thinking I might do a class on dimensioning lumber during my next Warden hours if there’s any interest. With the fixes to the jointer, the new stand for the planer, and the new blades on the table saw it should be possible to do some very high quality pieces.

The nice thing about being able to dimension lumber is that it’s possible to buy cheaper unfinished boards from lumber yards like Paxton/Huber, or to even make boards out of raw lumber. Having this capability separates out a professional shop from the average home gamer setups.